Bella, 36 år gammel., Russland, Moscow
Siste besøk:
Svarfrekvens: 4%
Fornavn: Bella
Alder: 36
Sted: Russland, Moscow
Stjernetegn: Jomfruen
Vekt: 54kg
Høyde: 178cm
Øyefarge: Grønn
Hårfarge: Blond
Kroppstype: Slank
Røykefrekvens: Aldri
Drikke frekvens: Av og til (kun i sosiale sammenheng)
Med følgende kriterier:
Engelsk Avansert
Sivilstatus: Singel
Dine prioriteringer i livet:
Familie, langvarig forhold
Kunstnerisk selv-utfoldelse
Åndelig vekst
Utdannelse: Gradert utdannelse
Hvilken religion praktiserer du?: Orthodox
Alder: 36 - 49
Høyde: 178 - 211 cm
Kroppstype: Slank, Muskuløs, Atletisk
Røyk: Aldri
Drikkevaner: Av og til (kun i sosiale sammenheng)

Svar på noen spørsmål

Hvordan vil du beskrive deg selv?
«Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them,
but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.»

«Who loves with heart
and not with tongue, he is richer in feelings.»

I wanted to start with these two quotes,
the first quote represents for me our ambitions
and aspirations - there is always room to grow.

The second quote represents for me the importance
of human actions superior to words.

Time is our final resource, and when we say “yes” to
something, we inevitably say “no” to something else.

For me, this means the ability to correctly find and set

Next, I will try to help you to understand me)

Who am I ?
Life observer, enthusiast, adorer of aesthetics, fashion,
art, travels.
I am an ocean in my soul, which is infinitely deep, has
many colors, life, hopes, aspirations, all-consuming love and passion,
I can envelop and bestow my best resources.
Everything that inspires me, exalts me, allows me to be better -
I will cherish and ride with my waves of sincere love,
tenderness and feelings.

Why am I on the site?
First of all, I would very much like to meet my soul mate
in every sense of the word.

Who is he Man of my dreams?
The man of my dreams leads a healthy lifestyle, sportive.
He will have a wise and calm personality, noble soul,
and can be described as foodie who has comprehended life,
has learned all the lessons, made conclusions and is now ready
to come from his best motives and be the best version of himself.

What degree of affection do I expect?
The kinship of our souls, relationships for love,
friendship and family.
Hvordan vil du beskrive din ideelle partner?
Reliable friend and life partner.
Profiler som er vist nedenfor er brukere i samme alder, som er aktive og pålogget nå!